Panel Lengths, specifically talking about the short backed horses.

Jessica -  26 Feb 2023 22:00:00 Other articles...

Let’s talk about short backed horses ?? 


Many breeds of horses typically come with a short back unfortunately for the saddle fitting prospect. Here at Fluffs Saddlery we have specialized panel options to make sure those horses are still comfortable under rider. ??


?Both Zaldi and Fluffs offer upswept short panels which basically means that the weight of the panels bare on the horses back exactly to the length of the seat. So 16” seat with an upswept short panel makes for a 16” panel weight bare. 


??Fluffs exclusively offer an intelligent pony panel configuration which offers a weight bare of 1 inch less than the seat size. This isn’t something you can see to the eye, but it has been proven to bare in the correct length without creating pressure points. By this we mean that when you look at our pony panel, you won’t see a big cut out under the riders seat, the work is done internally to keep the panels to not lose stability of distribution of the weight of the rider which is extremely important in these configurations. 


So if your horse has a short back, don’t panic, there is a solution here for you both. We can accommodate you with a lovely saddle ??

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