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Once upon a time there was a young dressage rider who never got taught the importance of a correctly fitted saddle. With an extremely difficult to fit growing Andalusian (typical wide shoulders and short back), affording a custom saddle when trying to juggle everything else economically was a real struggle.

After trying various saddles that didnt work and speaking to many fitters, she found the Zaldi factory and was able to afford a fully custom saddle to correctly fit her and her horse. Even better she was able to design the colours and flap-block combination to her desire. She set a life goal to offer these saddles to more people in need of saddle quality, functonality, technology and affordability. 

After years of training with the Zaldi team, many worldwide saddle fitters and professional riders she, converted her side small tack supply business into a sole Saddlery and Tack Store and here we now are!

A small family run business that enjoys consulting with every client and desigining every saddle to customers dreams and desires. Real people, familiar quality and true prices.

Our international team of representatives is constantly growing, we hope to offer more confidence in ourselves as a team and in the brands and products we offer. 

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