High Quality Affordable Custom Equipment for Horse and Rider

Custom Boots....
Custom Zaldi Saddles....
Fluffs Custom Saddles....
We offer fully customizable saddles and equipment from affordable prices. We work alongside two Master Saddler factories (one in the UK and one in Spain) Each saddle is uniquely configured to each horse and rider including many extra adjustable options for one saddle to accomodate several horses and riders. 

All saddles come with a guarantee of minimum 10 years on the saddle tree, a fleece cover and some extra promotional goodies. A saddle can be sent back to our factories for a "Refurb" to be slightly changed for rider or horse. , a saddle of a lifetime, our trees are all flexible and will automatically reshape from horse to horse. 

We also offer fully customizable riding boots (both tall and short) handmade in Italy and matching accessories including spur straps/guards, bareback pads, saddle pads and protection boots.

Please excuse the mess!  We are working as hard as we can to complete and launch the website as soon as possible.

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